PCB Design and Embedded Systems

AiR Flight Control Board- Cypress PSoC 5, uBlox GNSS, IMU, Pito, Altimeter, Micro SD, and telemetry via xBee socket.


These are some of the embedded systems that I’ve developed over the years. When I started, I would use CadSoft Eagle to do Schematic Design and Board Layout, and then I would use SketchUp to do visualization and mechanical validation. However, since AutoDesk’s acquisition of Eagle, I do all my design in the AutoDesk ecosystem. This greatly simplifies mechanical design integration.

In addition to electrical design and PCB layout, I also assembled prototype boards by hand. I used a combination of hand soldering with a fine-tipped soldering iron and tweezers, hot air rework and solder paste, and reflow in a small reflow oven.

When the prototypes were complete, I also programmed these boards to validate function, demonstrate capability, and search for any design errors. These boards are programmed primarily in C and C++.

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