I am a Certified SolidWorks Associate and have taught courses to guide students towards completion of that certification. When I… read more SolidWorks


While I was in the Navy, I was working on a project which required that we correct the distortion in… read more MATLAB

PCB Design and Embedded Systems

  These are some of the embedded systems that I’ve developed over the years. When I started, I would use… read more PCB Design and Embedded Systems

Aluminum CNC Bust

This project was designed to demonstrate the capabilities of our new Haas TM-1P CNC Mill. I took a scan of… read more Aluminum CNC Bust

Robotics Lab

Advanced Manufacturing Lab

While teaching the Project Lead the Way Engineering Pathway, I designed and setup an Advanced Manufacturing Lab. I personally specified… read more Advanced Manufacturing Lab

3D Printing

Although designing and printing is the most intensive process, 3D printing also offers people the opportunity to share designs. This… read more 3D Printing

Designs for 3D Print

These are some of my favorite designs that I created to be 3D printed. Designing for manufacture on a 3D… read more Designs for 3D Print

Adventurers Club Live Broadcast and Podcast

When COVID-19 forced Los Angeles to shutdown in early 2020, the Adventurers’ club shut its doors for the first time… read more Adventurers Club Live Broadcast and Podcast


I started flying quadcopters when you had to build your own. I built a small drone with a GoPro on… read more UAS Ops